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Is Domestic Violence A Factor In Your Divorce?

Domestic violence comes in many forms. Sometimes it is a subtle form of control that outsiders cannot detect, other times it is blatant shouting and hitting that causes the neighbors to call the police to investigate what is going on. Once the police are called in to investigate an allegation of domestic violence, a family fight could end up in a conviction for a misdemeanor with high penalties, including jail time.

Domestic violence on any level should not be tolerated. Whether it was just a misunderstanding or a real threat to your family, you should seek help right away. Call 248-800-1976 to speak with me. I am Les Greenwald, and my primary focus at Leslie Neil Greenwald Law is helping families solve their complex divorce-related issues, including when domestic violence is present. I will help you seek a fair and just outcome in your case.

Are You Afraid Of Your Spouse?

In Michigan, domestic violence is a criminal matter, whether it is emotional, physical or sexual abuse. From forcing a spouse to have sexual relations against their will, verbal insults, threatening with a weapon, to denial of help while injured, pregnant or in any other vulnerable state, help is available. In addition to physical abuse, such as hitting, punching or slapping you, other forms of abuse include:

  • Threatening your family’s pets
  • Keeping you from accessing money or bank accounts
  • Restraining you from leaving the house
  • Throwing household items at you and other family members
  • Forcing you to dress a certain way against your wishes
  • Blaming you for the abusive behavior

You may need to get protection through a restraining order to keep your abusive spouse from harming you and your family members again. Do not let fear get in the way of protecting yourself and your children. If you do nothing, you could be contending with child neglect charges.

Is Your Child’s Well-Being At Risk?

If you remain in a household with your children exposed to domestic violence, where your child is not getting fed properly, not receiving medical care, and is otherwise exposed to physical, sexual or mental abuse, Michigan’s Children’s Protective Services (CPS) may initiate an investigation that could lead to your children being removed from your care. Alternatively, if you have already moved into separate living spaces and have a custody order — but you have clear evidence the other parent is neglectful of your child  — one of your first steps may be to head back into family court for a new order to reflect a change in circumstances due to child neglect by the other parent. Changing your custody order can be a complex process without the help of an experienced family law attorney.

Get Experienced And Compassionate Advocacy From An Attorney Who Cares

I am Les Greenwald, and I can answer your questions about domestic violence and child neglect. I will provide the legal representation you need during this confusing time. Your family’s circumstances deserve personalized attention centered on resolving your issues in a timely manner. At Leslie Neil Greenwald Law, I focus exclusively on divorce-related matters. Call today to have an experienced attorney in your corner. Call my office in Bloomfield Hills at 248-800-1976 or complete my online form to get started.